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Artista is a Graphic Design Studio that is founded with the hope of bringing out high quality and good designs made just for you. We offer wide range of designs from stationery design, branding, to powerpoint template design and desktop wallpapers. Artista services are not limited to these only. Therefore, check our website, and e-mail us with your requests and ideas. Our own goal is to create a design that meets your expectations. 
”It’d always been my dream to open up a business of my own. However, I didn’t have the slightest idea on what kind of business I wanted. I had many interests but didn’t specialize in any of them. July 2011 was the starting point and birth of Artista. That was when I knew exactly what I wanted. Since then I’ve been practicing almost nonstop to improve my abilities in Graphic Design. ” I’ve been doing graphics since I was about 12 years old. I’m not sure what level which depresses me a lot. When people ask me what I can do with graphics, sometimes I stumble and don’t know how to answer correctly for I do various graphics ... >>